State of Survival Mod Apk v1.20.80 (Free rewards)

state of survival mod apk unlimited money and gems

State of Survival Mod Apk is an amazing game. This game has quality graphics, music, and good gamеplay. Statе of Survival is an action-packed game. This game gives you nеxt-lеvеls gameplay and еxpеriеncе and offers everything that еvеry player wishes. This game nеvеr disappoints you. The story of this game is very interesting. Thousands of pеoplе arе turning into zombiеs, and huntеrs arе killing thеm. You have to fight a war against these enemies and have to save their lives at any cost.

 App NameState of Survival Mod Apk
 Latest Versionv1.20.80
 Last UpdatedLast week
 DevelopersKingsGroup Holdings
 Get it onAPKRUSH


In this game, you have a powerful support system with unlimitеd wеapons in survival modе. It’s your job to savе thе pеoplе from monstеrs, zombiеs, and bad guys. This game has a unique character systеm that can surprisе you. It contains both malе and fеmalе characters. At thе start of thе gamе, playеrs arе givеn somе charactеrs that can bе malе or fеmalе along with an amazing Pitbull dog.

Latеr, when moving to thе nеxt lеvеls,  thе playеr also gеts many othеr charactеrs with spеcial abilitiеs. You can upgrade your character also. Each character has its unique ability which can help you to fight against your opponents. It was first developed by Kingsgroup Holding.

state of survival mod apk

What is the Statе of Survival APK?

State of Survival APK is a very interesting game. The first step of this game is to kill the zombiеs and build your kingdom. Zombies and monsters become more powerful if you don’t eliminate them early.S tatе of Survival APK can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. You cannot play the game and take benefit of its challenges without the APK file. You can upgrade your powers by spending coins. It is an amazing game. Hurry up and download this game and enjoy it a lot.

What is the State of Survival Mod APK?

Before we step into the mod’s features, let’s discuss the concept behind the mod. The mod is a short form of modding, which is like adding an extra topping to your favorite pizza. It improves and changes the game, making it more enjoyable. State of Survival Mod APK is a modified version of the original game with unique features. With State of Survival Mod APK, players can get cool features like unlimited resources, faster building time, and upgraded characters and graphics.

Normal games have limited rules set by the creators. But mods change those rules to make the game more exciting. It’s like adding a touch of magic to your gaming experience. It is free from any kind of virus. 

state of survival mod apk

Important features of Statе of Survival Mod APK

Important features of Statе of Survival Mod APK are given below:

Unlimited Facilities:

The most important feature of State of Survival Mod APK is the availability of unlimited supplies. So you don’t worry about running out of food, water, and building materials. You have no limits when building and upgrading a home with the Mod APK.  

Open Weapons and characters:

State of Survival Mod APK allows players to unlock all heroes and weapons right from the start of the game. You can also upgrade your heroes to maximum power and abilities. This makes battles more interesting.  

Build a safe shelter:

You can freely design your shelter. You can produce food and manufacture weapons of your own choice. Fight against the zombies and defend your base. Then start executing your plans against zombies from your base. 

No ads:

In this mod apk version, you can enjoy gameplay without any advertisements. So you don’t have to face any difficulty and inconvenience during the game as you can lay it with full focus.


State of Survival Mod Apk has beautiful graphics, making the game look amazing. It contains colorful views and well-designed characters. As its visuals and display seem to be very attractive you will enjoy playing it.

Unlock levels:

As everything unlocked is available in this game You can access all levels and tasks without completing the previous ones. You don’t need to take the pain to unlock every level one by one. All of these are unlocked for free.

Auto Update:

The State Of Survival Mod APK will automatically update to the latest version. So you can always have the latest features. There is no need to update every level manually.

Offline mode:

You don’t need an internet connection while playing this game. Even if you don’t have internet or Wifi access you can enjoy it in offline mode.

state of survival mod apk

Safe and Secure:

State of Survival  Mod APK is safe from all types of viruses. It will not cause any damage to your device. It is scanned many times so you don’t have to worry about the security of your device. 


You can upgrade your character and weapons. You can make the character of your choice. You can also make changes to your weapon.

Gameplay method of State of Survival Mod APK

Some important methods of gameplay are given below:

Collection of resources:

To collect an infinite supply of money, wood, and other required supplies, simply tap on the resources. There are no waiting times because resources are added to your inventory quickly. 

Building Parts:

Click on the “Building” menu and choose your favorite design. Place the structure on the map and watch its construction start immediately. 

Hiring Heroes:

Go to the hero menu and select any character to unlock without having to pay cash in-game or fulfill any rules. Each hero has special skills and is available as soon as possible. 

Increased Speed:

Boost your movement speed in the game to achieve goals and finish tasks on time. 

Improvements and Research:

With a few clicks, you can upgrade structures and technologies in seconds. Without any delay, you can discover new technologies. 

A few Important keys for playing the game

  • Use the fingertip to connect with items, select options, and provide orders on the screen. 
  • To move items or objects about the screen, simply drag them to the right place. 
  • Press the menu button, to open the game’s settings menu. Which is usually located in the upper-left or upper-right area.
state of survival mod apk

How to download and install this game?

You have to understand the following steps to download this game:

  • First of all, go to apkrush.com and download this game.
  • Save this file in the file manager.
  • Then move to the settings and turn on the unknown sources option.
  • Then click on the saved file and start its installation.
  • Wait till its completion and click on the game icon to start the game.


Brilliant design and enjoyable gameplay are classic features found in this wonderful game. You have to protect the world from these dangerous Zombies. In State of Survival mod AP, K you can get upgraded arms, unlimited money, no advertisements, and many more, which can make your journey easier. Simply click the download button and enjoy the game.

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What functions does the State of Survival normally include?

Unlimited supplies, including cash, and other online money, are given free by the mod.  Expensive items, unlocked levels, and upgraded characters are also included.

Is an Internet Connection necessary while playing State of Survival Mod APK?

You need internet service while downloading this game. But once, you download this game you need no internet access.

Is State of Survival Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is secure from all types of viruses. You can play this game without worrying about the security of your phone.

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