Bike race mod apk motorcycle game (MOD unlimited money)

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Bike Race Mod Apk is one of the free offline racing games. It offers you the coolest and smooth gameplay. There are hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds. There is a wide range of maps and tracks available in this game.

You will surely enjoy this beautiful game. This game was developed by Top Free Games. And its size is about 38.09 mbs. After playing this game you will forget those dump racing games. You can play this game without any internet or wifi connection. It is a fun guaranteed game.

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In this game, you will come across many cool bike stunts and much more. All the controls of the game are straightforward to use. Moreover, the user interface is excellent which makes the game very enjoyable. This is a very well-known and popular game.

APP NameBike Race Mod Apk
DeveloperTop Free Games
MOD infoUnlock all vehicles and maps
Get it onAPKRUSH
Latest updateLast hour


This game offers you multiple bikes and a lot of modifications for them. You will also enjoy many tournaments and a lot of amazing features in this game. The graphics of this game are also excellent. This game runs smoothly on all types of Androids even on low-end Android. So, forget everything and start riding.

What is Bike Race Mod apk?

Bike Race mod apk is a modified version of a bike race game. In this version, you can enjoy all the tracks, maps, and bikes for free. In this Mod, all the features of the games are unlocked and free. All the features of the game are similar to the features of the original game. This game mod is free of cost.

In the bike race Mod Apk, you will get all the bikes unlocked and unlimited money. All the premium features, which are not available in simple games, are freely available in this version. And you do have not to buy them in this modified version. Here you are provided with infinite coins, money, and gems.

And all other products of the game are also free and infinite. This mod apk version is ad-free. In this version, you will enjoy a smooth gameplay. All the resources of the game will never end.

After playing this game you are going to be addicted to this game because of its free features that are not freely available in simple games. As the gems and money are unlimited you can buy any bike and unlock any of the maps or track.

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This mod apk version is free from any type of malware and viruses because it has been scanned and tested many times. So, it does not affect your safety.

Tips and tricks for playing bike Race Mod Apk:

First of all, you have to improve your skills by regularly practicing. And you have to make your grip on the controls. You will have to give time to game and try different bikes on different routes.

Secondly, you have to participate in tournaments and complete daily challenges. By doing so you can build your interest in the game and your skills will automatically start to grow up.


 Some of the coolest features of the Mod Apk version are given below:

Variety of bike:

Every person has different choices and preferences. There, here you will get a wide range of different bikes. You can select one of them according to your choice. All types of sports as well as adventure bikes are available in it.

Unlimited money:

In the bike race mod apk version, you will enjoy an additional feature of unlimited money and gems. By using money you can easily modify your bike according to your requirements.

Difficult routes:

To make this game more enjoyable and realistic different sorts of difficult routes are added to it. You have to explore all the routes to make your game more enjoyable. All the routes are similar to real-life routes and tracks. You will pass through hills, valleys, beaches, wet roads, and much more.


Different tournaments take place in the bike race mod apk. Every tournament has a reward like money, medals, titles, and many more. Different players from all around the world participate in tournaments. These tournaments make games enjoyable and interesting.

Multiplayer mode:

Multiplayer mode is one of the interesting modes of the game. In this mode, you can play with any stranger and anonymous player from all around the world. This is an online mode. 

Free premium items:

In the bike race Mod Apk version, you will get all the premium items fully free of cost. All the items, for which you have to pay money in a simple game, are freely available in this mode. You can easily use them without paying any money.

Perform stunts:

Bike racing is tasteless without bike stunts. Therefore, in this game, you can perform stunts in front of other players and show them your skills. But for this, you have to develop your skills by understanding all the controls.

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Training mode:

Training mode is another offline mode of this game. In the bike race mod apk, you can train yourself and your rider for future tournaments. This mode is fully free and offline. It helps you a  lot in developing your skills. You can also use this mode for your offline fun as well.

Unlocked tools:

All the tools and modification kits of the game are pre-unlocked in the bike race mod apk. So, you will not have to unlock them to use them. All the tools in the garage are already unlocked for you.

How to download and install the Bike Race Mod Apk?

You can download and install the bike race mod apk easily by following the steps given below:

  • Download the “Bike Race Mod Apk” from your browser.
  • Turn on the “unknown sources” option by going to settings.
  • After downloading the apk install the downloaded executable file by clicking on it.
  • An installer interface will open and then complete all the required processes. And wait until it completely installs on your device.
  • Open the “Mod Apk App” and enjoy the game.


The “Bike Race Mod Apk Version” is one of the interesting bike race simulations. By playing this game you will get experience of driving and riding a bike on difficult routes. This is one of the best games for bike lovers.

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After playing this mod apk version game you will surely forget all those dump games. And you will love to play this game.

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Q. Can you play all the modes of the game offline?

No, you can not play all the modes of the game offline. You can only play many modes of the game offline but some modes, like multiplayer mode, can not be played offline. For these modes, you require an internet connection.

Q. Is it free from viruses?

Yes, this Mod Apk version is fully free from any type of malware and viruses. You can trust this app and safely play it without any type of doubts. 

Q. Is it a pirated game?

No, it is not a pirated game. This is just a modified version of a simple game but not pirated. Therefore, it is a genuine game.

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