Solar Smash Mod Apk v2.2.8(unlimited healing missile)

Solar Smash mod apk

Solar Smash Mod APK is an action game. Players of the simulation game Solar Smash use various tools and abilities to destroy planets. Players must choose the most destructive weapon to destroy the earth in just one hit since each weapon has a unique effect. Players can apply the weaponry to any planet’s location and range from imaginary to real-world armaments.

App NameSolar Smash Mod Apk
PublisherParadyme Games
Size141 MB
Latest Versionv2.2.8


The game accepts a joystick as a controller for adjusting the camera and selecting attack spots. It works well for using numerous elements at once since there is no restriction on the number of uses for the game. In a virtual environment, the game provides an enjoyable experience.

There are infinite missiles in this Solar Smash Mod Apk version. This game includes unlocked missions, levels, and weaponry as well. In this Solar Smash Mod Apk version, every planet is yours. You can destroy planets with all of your weapons.

Solar Smash Mod Apk

Additionally, there are no advertisements in this Solar Smash Mod app. Without ads, you can continue to enjoy the game’s exciting experience. Numerous features are also unlocked. Everything is free in the Solar Smash Mod Apk version.

Planets in systems and several unidentified systems exist. With your boundless supply of missiles, you can quickly destroy everything. The most potent weaponry is the missile. The capabilities of weapons vary. All of the levels are unlocked to save you time.

Features of the Solar Smash APK:

Mix up powerful weapons:

Players can mix several weapon types, such as rockets, lasers, space phenomena, modern gadgets, and strange creatures, to develop creative concepts in the game Solar Smash. Gamers can learn how to eliminate a planet and launch rockets to destroy planets. They can also fire harmful lasers and destroy modern technology with satellites. Finally, there is alien weaponry, such as octopuses, worms, and vital strikes.

Destroy different planets:

Players can blast planets in Solar Smash, each with unique features. These planets also have achievements that go with them and can help you discover some strange worlds. You will find that this planet may resemble an almond, a creature made of snow, and many other shapes.

Solar Smash Mod Apk

Play in Multiplayer Mode:

Both friends and other gamers are welcome to play. You can challenge them and send them online invitations. You will get awards after finishing the game, and you may use these items to improve your talents. It’s more fun to play the game with others.

Excellent visuals:

Bright and vibrant graphics make any game ten times more attractive and engaging. Solar Smash offers impressive visuals. All you need for an exciting and vibrant gaming experience is the game’s build-up mechanism and beautiful colors. Everyone becomes more interested in playing after seeing how beautiful the planet’s lightning is.

Features of the Solar Smash Mod Apk:

Unlimited cash:

There were several locked objects in the game’s original edition. Players can only unlock them by paying actual money. All premium things, including planets and weaponry, may be unlocked with infinite money with the Solar Smash MOD APK. Every item in the Solar Smash Mod menu is yours to use without costing you anything.

Unlimited Missiles:

The Solar Smash Mod Apk has an infinite number of missiles. Due to their ability to create vast quantities of destruction, missiles are the primary component of the game.

Solar Smash Mod Apk

Unlocked planets:

In this version of the game, every planet is accessible. The whole solar system’s eight planets are available for you to play within the game. Additionally, there are more unique planets. They are all unlocked.

Unlocked levels:

This game does not have any unlocked levels. There is no waiting period to reach the next level. They’re all unlocked as well. Players can play any level at any time, with any weapon, and on any planet.

Without Advertisements:

The Solar Smash APK mod version is ad-free. As a result, you may play your game with complete focus and enjoyment.

What’s New:

  • All Bugs Are fixed now.
  • The latest update contains many new features.
  • No lagging issues left.
  • The auto-update option is activated.

Install and download:

  • Click the Solar Smash download option.
  • Turn on the “unknown resource” in your device’s security settings.
  • Store the file in the Downloads folder on your device.
  • Click Install now, then give it some time to finish.
  • When it’s finished, launch the game and begin playing immediately.

How to play:

  • You can discover a variety of methods to destroy the several planets that are available for selection quickly.
  • You can find previously undiscovered worlds and earn several achievements by destroying things.
  • Your possibilities for using each weapon type are numerous, and they are all classified into different groups.
  • Modern weaponry has devastating power that is capable of destroying a whole planet.
  • It is possible to generate devastating combinations using these weapons often and continuously.
Solar Smash Mod Apk

Tips and tricks:

Try different weapons:

The weapons in this game are extensive and diverse. Every gun, from asteroids to lasers, brings different devastation. Try them all to find your favorites and become an expert in their workings.

Utilize Black Holes Carefully:

In Solar Smash, black holes are one of the universe’s most powerful forces and can cause significant damage. Gravitational-solid: Their gravitational solid attraction can work against you. Use them wisely to achieve maximum destruction with no unexpected consequences.

Build Your Planets:

You can create your planets, so why limit yourself to existing ones? Create planets according to your preferences, then observe how they perform when faced with the devastating powers of the game.

Discover Space:

As exciting as it may be to destroy planets, remember to spend time just exploring space. There’s lots to view and learn about, ranging from peaceful galaxies to active spacecraft.

Recognizing your mistakes:

There is always something to learn from a beautiful tragedy. Reconsider, adjust, and try again if a strategy doesn’t work as planned.

Solar Smash Mod Apk


Solar Smash Mod Apk is the best option to get all the game’s tools and planets free and unlocked if you want to discover the solar system with tools and weapons and have beautiful visuals of the solar system. This modified game version’s free and unlocked systems and tools make it more enjoyable. Anyone who likes space exploration or planets must play this game. Together, these have a certain charm and enjoyment.

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Can we play the Solar Smash easily?

Yes, playing the Solar Smash Mod APK is simple. You only need to throw them onto the globe once your weapons and equipment are selected.

Are all the weapons in the Solar Smash Mod APK unlocked?

Solar Smash Mod Apk offers everything free and unlocked, not just weapons. This game offers free and unlocked access to all levels, weapons, tools, and missiles.

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