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Do you like playing exciting battle video games? If so, you’ve read about Tekken 3, one of the Tekken series’ most well-known and significant videogames. The following blog entry will give you a quick summary of Tekken 3, the Google Play version of the fighting game that lets you experience the excitement of battle on a smartphone. So with no further delay, let’s discover the amazing Tekken 3 universe!

The popular battle videogame Tekken 3 includes an Android edition called Tekken 3 APK  Utilizing these APKs, which Namco created, you can enjoy the originally released game’s tough fights and recognizable personalities on your smartphone with Android. You may have a real battle environment at your command with Tekken 3 excellent visualizations, fast practice, and easy-to-use settings.

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Features of the Tekken 3 APK:

Improved Images and Special Effects:

With its amazing accurate outcomes, unique individual designs, colorful backdrops, and fast visualizations, Tekken 3 makes every fight appear authentic on your cell phone.

A Varied List of Soldiers:

Select from a wide range of soldiers with different fighting techniques and movements, and participate in exciting fights against well-known figures like Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, and Jin Kazama.

Practical Controls:

With Tekken 3 simple gesture controls, people can understand the battle and perform accurate combinations, barriers, and unique methods that produce deadly attacks.

Various Game Modes:

The arcade, in contrast, and multiplayer mode are just a few of the many game modes that Tekken 3 APK provides. Each one makes for an interesting and different gaming experience.

Adjustable Controls:

Users may alter the size and arrangement of the buttons in Tekken 3 control settings, which improves gameplay and the overall gaming experience.

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Outstanding Soundtrack:

The excellent music of Tekken 3, which features everything from heart-pounding fight tracks to soft music in calm environments, creates a fully realized experience.

Easy to access Content:

There are countless hours of entertainment in Tekken 3 APK because of the game’s secret characters, various outfits, and extra game types.

Playing Games Offline:

With offline gaming available in Tekken 3 APK, players may enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, even without an online connection. This means they can participate in furious battles.

Revised Movesets and Stability:

With new movements and balance, Tekken 3 APK has an updated fighting system that makes gaming fair and competitive while letting players maximize each character’s strengths.

Support for HD Displays:

Discover the greatest features of Tekken 3 APK, including amazing graphics and action on a high-definition screen.

Continuous Improvement Updates:

To keep players interested and motivated, Tekken 3 APK releases updates regularly that add new characters, features, and game types.

Purchases made within apps:

In Tekken 3, you may customize your fighters and have access to more characters, outfits, and personalization choices to improve your game experience.

Multi-Platform Compatibility:

Compatible with all platforms provided by Tekken 3, it enhances the multiplayer gaming experience through the ability of users to compete with others on Android or iOS devices.

Multiple languages Guidance:

Because Tekken 3 supports several languages, gamers from all around the world may access and enjoy the game.

No Cost to Play:

Players may now play and download Tekken 3 APK for free, making use of every function it provides without having to pay anything in advance.

tekken 3 apk download 35 mb

Characters of Tekken 3 :

Jin Kazama:

The hero with a dark secret seeking revenge against his family’s enemies

Heihachi Mishima is the deadly and determined leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Paul Phoenix is a hot-blooded American martial artist with an unstoppable fighting spirit.

Nina Williams:

The violent killer has a personal hatred for her sister.

Yoshimitsu is a mysterious and honorable ninja with a mechanical arm.

Eddy Gordo is a beautiful dancer who is a master of Brazilian capoeira.

Hwoarang is the passionate talent of Korean boxing who is hungry for fame.


the Mexican boxer is known for his strong fighting technique and golden heart.

Law: The fighter with lightning-fast hits and harmful kicks, inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee

Julia Chang is a warrior environmentalist who is passionate about justice and the natural world.

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The lovable and powerful bear trained in the art of fighting.

Lei Wulong is a skilled and versatile Hong Kong detective with a range of fighting styles.

The ogre is a strong, ancient creature with shape-shifting abilities.

Armor King:

The wrestler in a mask is looking for his brother’s killer.

Bryan Fury:

The violent and merciless cyber fighter

Gon is the illustrated series’s cute and surprising dinosaur character.

Dr. Bosconovitch:

The crazy scientist has a vast range of strange tricks.

Wang Jinrei:

The wise and experienced martial arts master

Ling Xiaoyu: The happy and energetic Chinese student using her martial arts training at Mishima Polytechnic University

Anna Williams is Nina’s sister and competitor, a beautiful and dangerous killer.

Forest Law:

The social Marshall Lawson continues his father’s tradition.

Gun Jack, Mishima Zaibatsu’s artificial fighter, is strong and unstoppable.


The charming friend of Ling Xiaoyu and friend of Mishima Polytechnic student

Jinpachi Mishima is a powerful old fighter with strong evil powers who is cursed and terrifying.

How to Download and Install Tekken 3 APK? 

After learning about the amazing features of the Tekken 3 APK, let’s talk about how you can play this amazing game.

  • Before downloading Tekken 3 APK, ensure your device meets the necessary system requirements to enjoy the game with optimal fun and functionality.
  • Choose a trustworthy website for downloading the Tekken 3 APK to avoid viruses and corrupted files.
  • click the “Unknown Sources” option in the settings of your mobile phone to permit the installation of apps from other sources to install APK files from other sources.
  • Download the Tekken 3 APK file from a trustworthy source, install it on your smartphone, and follow the on-screen recommendations for successful installation.
  • Give it the permissions it requests when the installation is finished. Enjoy your game now that it’s ready to play.

Rules for Playing Tekken 3 APK:

Know Your Controls:

Getting skilled with simple controls, including punches, kicks, and blocks, is essential for carrying out complex strategies in Tekken 3 and building a strong basis for online battlefields.

Explore the Characters:

A wide variety of characters with distinct fighting techniques are available in Tekken 3, giving players the freedom to experiment and discover new fighters to gain the upper hand in battle.

Learn Combo Attacks:

In Tekken 3, combo strikes are very important to master since they deal great damage to opponents. This requires practice and a careful introduction to complicated combos.

Examine the Positions:

Characters now have unique postures in Tekken 3 APK, which may be used to gain strategic benefits and surprise attacks. Try different postures for the best hits and surprise your opponents.

Timing and Defense:

Tekken 3 APK places an important focus on timing strikes precisely, playing smart defense, performing counterattacks to maximum effect, and shifting the balance of the fight.

The Enhanced Features of Tekken 3 APK 

New Playable Characters:

With the addition of new characters with different battle styles in Tekken 3 APK, players may now fully discover and realize their strengths in the exciting Tekken 3 universe.

Exciting Game Modes:

With thrilling game modes including story and multiplayer, Tekken 3 APK lets players test their strengths, learn about character backstories, and compete on internet leaderboards.

tekken 3 apk download

Improved Online Multiplayer Experience:

With improved online multiplayer that has faster connections and less delay, Tekken 3 APK lets users compete with anyone across the world and advance in the rankings.

Extra Unlockables and Customization Options:

Players may customize and express their individuality with Tekken 3 APK adjustable content and within-the-game cash, which enables them to get visual improvements, accessories, and costumes.

Updated graphics:

With the use of modern graphics techniques, the game’s visuals have been enhanced to improve character models, detailed settings, and eye-catching special effects, ensuring an amazing visual experience.


It is possible to play the entertaining and addicting game Tekken 3 APK offline without an online connection. Users get to experience something new and exciting that keeps them up to date on technology. For people who are bored at home, this game is ideal since it provides endless entertainment. It is a fantastic option for those who want to play it with buddies because it is simple to download and install.

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How can I get the Tekken 3 APK download?

You may use trusted third-party app stores or the official website to obtain the Tekken 3 APK. Before installing the APK file, make sure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings.

What kind of computer is needed to run the Tekken 3 APK?

it is not possible to download the Tekken 3 APK for iOS devices. It is only intended to work with Android-powered devices.

What is the character count in the Tekken 3 APK?

There are 23 different and distinct characters in Tekken 3 APK, each with their particular moves and fighting styles.

Can I use the APK version of Tekken 3 offline?

It is possible to play Tekken 3 APK offline without using the internet. It has an entertaining single-player option where you may fight against opponents that are controlled by a computer.

Is the Tekken 3 APK multiplayer compatible?

Yes, the multiplayer option in Tekken 3 APK allows you to engage in exciting online combat with friends or gamers from across the globe.

How can I get the Tekken 3 APK to unlock additional characters?

You may unlock new characters in Tekken 3 APK by meeting challenges or finishing the game’s story mode. Every character has different requirements to be unlocked.

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