Download Hills of Steel Mod Apk 2024(Unlimited coins)

hills of steel mod apk

In a 2D setting, Hills of Steel Mod Apk offers an excellent horizontal action gaming experience. Tank battles are the main focus of the game. Play an accurate simulation of physics. You fight in the hills, using steel to control your rivals. By gaining money from defeated opponents, you may customize your cars and upgrade them with unique weaponry.

You may select your favorite battle style and unlock new tanks over time. You will engage in war on several different battlefields due to the game’s diverse content. You become wealthy, succeed in tank wars, and advance to powerful positions. You need to make every effort to rise above all others as the world’s finest war commander.

For players who enjoy constant action and driving massive armored vehicles, this is the perfect game. You will have an infinite amount of precious metals and diamond coins (within the game cash and materials) in Hills of Steel if you use the MOD APK with limitless resources.

In the game, consumables can be used for whatever purpose you choose in the shop, for building, training, or other in-game activities, without any limitations. This enables you to get free unlock objects, skins, weapons, abilities, characters, and other material.

App NameHills of Steel Mod Apk
PublisherSuperplus Games
Latest Versionv6.2.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
UpdateLast Hour


Unrestricted resources offer a comprehensive approach to improving your game experience, enabling you to go through stages more quickly, utilize almost unstoppable character powers, and fully engage with any customized material. In Hills of Steel, obtaining all of the in-game items needed to advance to the next level and unlock content sometimes takes an extensive quantity of time and work.

hills of steel mod apk

With infinite resources, you can stop playing the same game over and over again, becoming bored easily, and getting tired easily, all for the sake of unlocking these resources. Your hands will be free to completely lose themselves in the story of the game, and exciting battles will come across due to an endless supply of resources.

Features of the Hills of Steel Mod Apk:

Unlocked new skills:

Updated to version 4, the Hills of Steel Mod Apk features iconic tank skins, new weaponry, and a drone support booster. Now that the drone can target opponents accurately. Players can battle them till their armored vehicles burst and win.

The drone requires player activation via button pushing because it can only be utilized once during combat. A drone may be deployed to find targets and destroy them until their tanks burst.

Unlocking all guns and armored vehicles:

The variety of tanks and rockets you can use in the Hills of Steel mod apk is one feature that will ultimately bring gamers in. To be more precise, the kinds of tanks that may be discovered in the video game will need certain items to unlock.

These types include traditional tanks and ones that have magical appearances and abilities. Moreover, to advance to the next level, you will need to collect the necessary number of parts for certain boosters that you will obtain as cards.

hills of steel mod apk

Limitless cash and gold:

You can spend as much money and gems as you like on tank components when you have entry to the Hills of Steel Mod Apk. After that, you may engage in practical tank combat. This game’s integrated shop provides further advantages. Below are its extra characteristics.

Amazing Visuals and Audio Elements:

Hills of Steel Mod APK has amazing visuals and genuine sound effects that provide a stunning visual and auditory experience. To enhance the entire game experience, engage yourself in stunning landscapes and amazing tank battles.

This game stands out for its excellent graphic and sound design, which gives players an amazing sense of the battlefield.

Variety of battles:

In the two-dimensional game Hills of Steel Mod Apk, participants climb up a hill and take out opponents on a variety of surfaces. There are two game modes: PVP and PVE. In PVE mode, there are always enemies and more powerful, bigger opponents.

Participants can engage in player-versus-player (PVP) matches where the outcome of the encounter is determined by the participants’ combined strength and ability

Download and install Hills of Steel Mod APK:

To download and use the Hills of Steel Mod APK on your mobile device, follow these steps:

  • Open Google on an Android handset.
  • Use the search bar to look for “Hills of Steel.”
  • From the list of search results, choose the APKRUSH.
  • To obtain and set up the game, tap the “download” button.
  • Now enable the unknown sources option in the settings and get it installed.
  • Play Hills of Steel after it has been installed to enter a world of tank fights and explosive combat.

How to play Hills of Steel Mod APK?

Get ready for the fight:

The world has created weapons capable of winning battles, meaning that strong weapons are needed to defeat the enemy’s forces. However, not every war vehicle is used on a vast battlefield, and to save losses, major wars need to be engaged in various settings. Come and demonstrate your battle tank operating skills with tank leaders and battle tank drivers on this challenging battleground.

Select the tank to conquer the tank world:

You fight toward dangerous tanks and armored vehicles on this exclusive battlefield. You have to select between fighting and tanks; when you win, you may unlock more tanks. To become successful, skillfully move your tanks and engage the opponent. Your objective is to destroy your rivals and conquer the tank world.

Destructive fighting:

Tank opponents can destroy anything on the difficult battlefield of destruction. Even with its armor, opponents may still destroy the tank. You have to use tank guns to take them out. Through this encounter, you will learn how to fight several tanks and eliminate them with your cannon’s barrel. Tank fighting additionally teaches you how to engage with various opponents on tanks.

hills of steel mod apk

Tank modification:

Your tank must be more powerful in a war zone where there are many tank opponents. Upgrading your tank will improve its protection and firepower, which will make it simpler to eliminate opponents. You have to win in the tragic issues to gain improvement. Therefore, aim for victories to enable enhancements for your armored fighting vehicle.

Tanker attack:

Your tank has to engage in battle with strong, destructive weapons on the battlefield in Hills of Steel MOD APK. To raid the locations where the enemy is assigned, you must command your tank straight against them. To avoid counterattacks, hidden movements and attacks are necessary. A tank’s ability to be controlled carefully becomes essential for raid mission success.

Skillful tank operator:

Durability is essential in tank fights since tanks can be damaged at any time. Use your tank carefully, firing first with its barrel and then firing again. Develop your tank-driving expertise by practicing. After battleground training, combining destructive tanks with control is the key to success, transforming you into a skilled tank operator.

Face challenges:

You must reach the top of the tank commander rankings in the war of devastation to survive the tank war. Fight bravely to claim your place on the scoreboard by joining confident tank control. Gaining tank victories against opponents increases your point total. Show off your tank-control skills by completing the hardest tasks.

hills of steel mod apk


Hills of Steel Mod Apk is an excellent option for an exciting tank game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. This modified version boosts your probability of winning with its exciting action, two-dimensional visuals, and a variety of in-game goods that can be obtained for free. Various premium features are unlocked in this mod version. You don’t have to pay money to enjoy the premium features.

Unlimited amount of money and resources are present in this modified version with which you can do a lot of purchases and upgradations. Downloading modified APKs from trustworthy sources is usually suggested, as is making sure that your gadget is shielded by the most recent security updates.

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Is it possible to play the 2 vs. 2 online game with friends?

Due to the random nature of player matchings, playing with or against friends or specific people is not feasible.

Is it free to download the Hills of Steel mod apk with infinite money and gems?

Indeed. The game is easy to download and is free. Users may easily get the game’s mod from our website.

Is downloading the Hills of Steel Mod APK safe?

Indeed. It is devoid of any form of virus. Make sure you’re happy by running a check with your antivirus software.

Is authorization required to utilize the Hills of Steel Mod Apk?

There are no authorizations required for the game. Therefore, using it on your smartphone or tablet is effective. There will be total safety and security for your data.

Does the Hills of Steel Mod Apk include any ads?

After downloading the Hills of Steel APK Mod, you may play the game without being interrupted by advertisements.

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