Download Geometry Dash Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Geometry Dash Mod APK is an intriguing game which Rob Top Games developed. This game offers difficult and demanding gameplay with electrifying beats and breathtaking visuals. Its geometric style and pulsating melodies provide a unique gaming experience to all the players. There are multiple levels in this game. Each level has different challenges and hurdles. In this game jumping is the crucial move. You can easily jump over barriers and gaps by tapping on the screen.

App NameGeometry Dash Mod Apk
DeveloperRob Top Games
Latest Versionv2.2.142
Latest UpdateOne week ago
MOD infoUnlimited resources
Android SupportAndroid 5.0 or above
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Time plays an important part in this wonderful game. You need to jump at the right time to cross all the barriers. You have to pay special attention to the rhythm of the levels for accurate jumping. You can also fly with your character. You can adjust the height and direction of your character by tapping the screen. You can use dash portals and orbs to move your character in a new direction. You can also create your new level by using your thinking skills.

There are various customization options. By using these options you can make your level more entertaining and challenging. Participate in different missions and unleash different characters and rewards. Download it now and enjoy this amazing journey. You will never lose interest while playing this superb game. 

What is Geometry Dash Mod Apk?

Geometry Dash Mod APK is a tweaked version of the original game. This modded version can improve your gameplay because this version adds more advantages and features. There is unlimited money and gold and all the levels are unlocked. You don’t need to purchase any item because all the premium features are unlocked. 

Geometry Dash Mod Apk


Different levels to play:

Geometry Dash Mod APK offers players a wide range of levels to accommodate different interests and skill levels. There is a practice mode, default levels, demon levels, and custom levels. It depends on whether you prefer a relaxed encounter or a thrilling adventure. 


Go head-to-head with international players in Geometry Dash Mod Apk. If you want to show your skills and prowess in the game then enter the tournament and show your worth. Compare your progress with your friends and see who’s the best player. 

Intriguing Music:

Each level contains a distinctive and intriguing music. It will help you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Geometry Dash. At every stage, a pulsating rhythm is present that exactly resonates with the action. 

Antigravity Fusion:

Geometry Dash ModAPKk offers an antigravity fusion feature which is very fantastic. It is a reverse gravity feature. The game difficulty will increase when the gravity is reversed. For mastering the reverse gravity feature you will need agility to dodge around obstacles.

Gain different rewards:

When you make high scores then Geometry Dash offers various rewards for the players. You can use these rewards to acquire different items. Like, by using these rewards you can unlock various customization options such as icons, skins, or upgraded characters. All these items will help you during your journey. You will get motivated after receiving these rewards.

Use Practice Mode:

You can polish your skills in practice mode. In this mode, you can try various strategies, refine your timing, and can master obstacles without worrying about failure. You can also prepare yourself for difficult levels. It will help you to compete with your competitors with distinction.

All premium features are unlocked:

Geometry Dash Mod APK is full of luxuries and advantages. There is unlimited money and coins. You can buy anything without any restrictions or without worrying about money. The gameplay is fully unlocked. You can play any level and can use any item that your heart craves. 

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Tips And Tricks for Playing:

These tips will help you to make good progress in the Geometry Dash game:

Learn From Others:

Try to learn new strategies and methods. It will aid you to refine your expertise. Watch different tutorials and gameplay videos of experts which will help you to improve your skills. 

Concentration And Focus:

Geometry Dash requires rigorous concentration and devotion. It will aid you in boosting your performance. 

Examine The Patterns:

In Geometry Dash Mod Apk, most of the obstacles have a predictable layout. It means they have a familiar structure. Try to study and memorize these patterns to respond appropriately. In this way, you will clear the stages more quickly. 

Customize The Controls:

You can customize the controls in this game which is the best thing. It will help you to play the game with more accuracy. 

Take Advantage Of The Checkpoints:

Use different checkpoints during the game as they provide new starting points in case you fail.

Keep Rhythm:

Try to pay attention to the music and try to sync your moves with the rhythm. This will help you to jump at the right time.

Stay Calm And Be Patient:

As you know, Geometry Dash contains difficult levels. In case of failure, don’t get sad. Stay cool and patient.

Advantages And Disadvantages:


  • This game contains engaging and captivating gameplay. 
  • Geometry Dash Mod Apk is ads free. 
  • It runs smoothly on phones and no lagging occurs. 
  • It contains daily rewards and bonuses. 


  • It is a rapid-fire action and intense action-packed game. It does not give a leisurely gameplay experience to players. 

Classification Of Levels In Geometry Dash Mod Apk:

  • Stereo Madness: Stereo Madness is the classification of levels. ForeverBound is the creator of this level. It is an easy level.
  • Back On Track: It was created by DJVI and it has an easy difficulty level.
  • Dry Out: It was created by DJVI. It has a normal difficulty level.

Base After Base And Can’t Let Go:

  • Both of these levels are developed by DJVI and they have a hard difficulty level.

Jumper And Time Machine:

  • Water flame created these levels. Both have tougher difficulty levels.

Electroman Adventures And Hexagon Forces:

  • These levels are developed by Water Flame. They have insane difficulty levels.

Club Steps(10 secret coins):

  • It was created by Water flame. It has demon difficulty levels. 

What’s New:

  • NCS merges with the music library. 1200 plus songs are now available in the game.
  • New features are also added to the game.
Geometry Dash Mod Apk

How to download and install?

Following are steps to download and install this game:

  • First, download the game from APK Rush. 
  • Then, go into your phone’s settings and turn on the option of Unknown Sources. 
  • After doing the above step, install the game on your Android phones and tablets. 
  • Your game is ready. Play it and make your time memorable. 


Geometry Dash Mod Apk is a fantastic game that throws away your boredom. The control system of this game is very satisfying and precise. There are two important factors in this game which are jumping and timing. The link is available on this page. You can easily download the Geometry Dash Mod app from this link.

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Which Android version is needed to download the Geometry Dash Mod Apk?

Android 5.5 or above is required to download this amazing game. 

Is the Mod Version of Geometry Dash free from ads?

Yes, it is free from all types of advertisements and bugs. 

Can I play Geometry Dash Mod APK in Practice Mode?

Yes, you can play this game in practice mode to enhance your skills.

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