Download Spotify Premium Apk v8.10.9.722 for Free

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium Apk is an entertaining platform where you can enjoy all the premium features, albums, and songs for free of cost. It is the modified version where you get free access to all the premium features. In this application, you will get an opportunity to explore new music and share your playlist. This amazing app contains various songs such as Pop, Desi, Punjabi, Comedy, Rock, Jazz and many more. There is a search option where you can easily explore all of your favorite songs. 

NameSpotify: Music and Podcasts
 PublisherSpotify AB
 GenreMusic & Audio
 RootNot required
 Latest Versionv8.10.9.722
 Latest Updateone day ago
 MOD infoPremium
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This wonderful streaming platform shows related artists, albums, and songs. If you want to show your talent to the world then Spotify Premium Apk is made for you. Here, you can upload your songs through agents that serve you at their commission. This application contains no ads. Hence, it will enhance your music listening experience by providing an uninterrupted and seamless music streaming experience.

You can easily understand all the controls of this application. All the features are easy to understand. On the Homepage, you will see playlists and popular recommendations from other users worldwide. In short, it is the best entertaining platform for all the users.

Features Of Spotify Premium APK Download:

Diverse Library:

In Spotify Premium APK you can create your library where you can organize your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts. You can also save your favorite content in your library. If you want your song will appear in your library then tap on the Heart Icon of the song. In this way, you can easily get access to your playlists through the library. 

 Spotify Premium Apk

Create Playlist:

It is the diverse feature of this application. You can easily manage your favorite content by using this feature. You will see the “three-dot button” at the right corner of this app. Press this button and then “add songs to your playlist” by selecting your favorite songs. If you want to share your playlist then Spotify Premium APK is here for you. 

Explore new frontiers with radio:

This is an amazing feature that will help you when you are unsure what to listen to. You can listen to your loved singers all day by using this feature. The radio is a customized playlist that contains your favorite songs or artists. It uses algorithms to find out the music according to your taste. By following these steps you can create a radio on your Android phone:

  • Pick up your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and artists.
  • Then, tap on the three-dot button.
  • Now, click on the “Go to Radio” option. Your radio station is now ready to play.

Auto Adjust Quality:

Spotify Premium Apk contains Auto Adjust Quality feature. This splendid feature will help you when your internet connection is not good. The application will automatically adjust the music quality when you turn on this mode. It will improve your music listening experience by adjusting the data stability. These steps will help you to activate this feature:

  • Firstly, go into your Settings.
  • Choose Automatic for Wifi and Mobile Streaming by going into the Audio Quality Section. 
  • Now, this feature is turned on. 

Make A Community With Your Friends:

In this application, you can follow and share your content with your friends and family members. You can make a community with them. You can also view your friend’s activities in this application like what podcasts and songs they are enjoying. You can also share your favorite songs on Facebook and Instagram. 

Ads Free Music Listening Experience:

Spotify Mod Apk is free from all kinds of irritating ads. Hence, you can listen to your favorite songs without any interruption. You don’t need to watch any ads. It will improve your listening experience.

High-Quality Music And Podcasting Streaming:

The sound quality of Spotify Premium Mod Apk is very splendid. You can enjoy clear and crystal voices in this application but it depends on your internet service. If you want to change the sound quality then go into the app’s settings. Now, use the Audio Quality option and alter the sound quality according to your choice. It starts from low 24kps to high 160kps. By using the modded version you can easily get the sound quality of 320kps. It has a very high range of sound quality. 

 Spotify Premium Apk

Some Tools That Will Enhance Your Listening Experience:


This is a very amazing feature where you can easily upload a short video clip or animation with your artwork. In this way, you can add a visual touch to the listening experience. 


This amazing tool will help you in enhancing your listening experience. You can adjust the sound frequency of your song according to your preference. If you want to enable equalizer, then follow these steps:

  • Go into the app’s settings. 
  • Click on the Music Quality. 
  • Then, turn on the Equaliser option by clicking on it.

Spotify Data Saver Mode:

This feature will help you to save your mobile data during streaming. By using this mode you can save 70% of your mobile data. If you want to enable this mode then follow these steps:

  • Firstly, find out the settings and go down into the settings. 
  • Turn on the data saver mode.

Spotify Lite Mod Apk:

This feature will help you to save your mobile storage as well as your mobile data.

Daily Mixes:

This feature is based on your searches and your music taste. If you want to get this feature then press on the search bar and type “Made For You”. Now, you can watch Daily Mixes.


This feature is present in the artist’s profile. You can discover new artists and talents by using this option. 

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Major advantages and disadvantages of Spotify Premium Apk are given below:


  • Diverse Library.
  • Friendly interface. 
  • Many amazing features are available such as Radio feature, Podcast Creation.
  • No root is needed.
  • You can also listen to songs without an internet connection. 
  • This application contains different colors and themes.


  • No official support system is available. Bugs are present.
 Spotify Premium Apk

How to download and install Spotify Premium Apk?

If you want to download and install this application then follow the steps which are given below:

  • Download the application from APKRush. 
  • Then, turn on the option of Unknown Sources by going into your phone’s settings. 
  • Now, install the application on your phone and enjoy it.


Spotify Premium Apk was developed by Spotify Ltd. It contains many distinct features and you will never get tired while using this application. It is a wonderful entertaining platform for the users because you can listen to any type of music. There are no boundaries in this application. Download this application by clicking on the link which is given on this page. 


Can I upload my songs on Spotify Premium Apk?

Can I install Spotify Premium APK on iOS and iPad?

Can I install Spotify Premium APK on iOS and iPad?

No, it is not possible to install this app on iPhone or iPad. Spotify ++ is needed to install this app on iOS. 

Which Android version is required for using Spotify Premium APK?

Android 4.4 or above is needed for using this application.

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